Shannon Singleton for Multnomah County

Shannon Singleton is our Commissioner for Multnomah County District #2, representing the communities of North and Northeast Portland. Shannon’s experience working closely with residents experiencing poverty uniquely qualifies her as a commissioner for Multnomah County, our state’s largest social service provider.

Shannon‘s career as a trained social worker and a longtime housing and racial justice advocate spans nearly 30 years. She was a chief executive of several housing/homelessness nonprofits and leader of Oregon’s Racial Justice Council, the first of its kind in the United States. She also has been a policy advisor to former Governor Kate Brown. In 2022, she oversaw the development of hundreds of shelter beds as the director of the Joint Office of Homeless Services, a partnership between the City of Portland and Multnomah County.

Shannon prioritizes critical areas such as housing, healthcare, and public safety. She advocates for safe and affordable housing for all, and accessible healthcare for working families, including Medicaid and County health services. Learn more about her priorities here.

With Shannon Singleton on the County Board of Commissioners, we can look forward to stronger leadership and bolder action in delivering critical safety net services for our most vulnerable residents. Let us rally behind Shannon Singleton for Multnomah County District 2. 

Come and join us for a special meetup with Shannon on Monday, April 29, from 5:00 PM –  7:00 PM at Mosaic Taphouse in St. John’s. RSVP here.

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