Willy Chotzen for Oregon House District 46

In these pivotal times, we need leaders with the courage to confront our most pressing challenges and the compassion to lead with equity. It is with great enthusiasm and a shared vision for a brighter future that we endorse Willy Chotzen for Oregon House District 46.

Willy Chotzen is a dedicated public defender, loving husband, and father of two kids. As a former public school teacher, Willy is passionate about investing in a better and safe future for our children and families. Now, as Chief Attorney, Willy continues to advocate for his clients, both in the courtroom and in the community. We especially appreciate his understanding of the root causes of poverty and political skills to make change.

East County is home to over 225,000 voters, but not everyone has equal access to crucial services like quality education, mental health care or affordable housing. ECR remains dedicated to backing qualified, diverse leadership committed to just and effective solutions, a vision that Willy’s goals resonate with:

  1. Expanding access to mental healthcare and addiction treatment
  2. Addressing homelessness and supporting affordable housing
  3. Improving traffic safety and walkability in our neighborhoods
  4. Ensuring world-class public education for every child

As we rally behind Willy’s campaign for Oregon House District 46, we invite you to join us in this critical moment. Your support, whether through volunteering, spreading the word, or contributing to the campaign, can make a significant difference. Every contribution, regardless of size, helps fuel our campaign and bring us closer to victory.

Learn more about Willy’s platform and get involved by visiting his websiteLet’s come together as a community, support Willy Chotzen for Oregon House District 46, and take a significant step toward a better future for East County and beyond.