Khanh Pham for Senate, Thuy Tran for House

Recently, we highlighted Willy Chotzen for Willy Chotzen for Oregon House District 46. Now, we are excited to share our endorsements for two outstanding leaders who have consistently demonstrated their dedication to our vibrant and diverse community in East County: Rep. Khanh Pham for Senate District 23 and Rep. Thuy Tran for House District 45

Since joining the office in 2020, Rep. Khanh Pham has been a vocal champion for Environmental and Climate Justice, Democracy, and Economic & Social Justice. Her efforts have led to a landmark $90 million investment in climate action and resilience and major investments in the revitalization of 82nd Ave. As the first Vietnamese-American legislator in the Oregon State Legislature, she has successfully pushed for immigrant rights and democracy reform. Her years of community organizing and commitment to environmental and climate justice make her our choice to move up to the State Senate.

Rep. Dr. Thuy Tran‘s dedication to making local communities safe is evident in her sponsorship of BillTrack*50, which declared an emergency relating to health and substance use. Learn more about the bills she supports as a legislator here. She is running for re-election to continue advocating for homelessness solutions, affordable housing, healthcare access, and equal opportunities for all.

Both Khanh Pham and Thuy Tran represent the best of East County— leaders who represent our community’s diverse and dynamic fabric. Through their actions and policies, they have proven that they understand our challenges and possess the courage and vision to address them head-on.

Let’s make it count this May 21st—vote for Khanh Pham for Senate District 23, Willy Chotzen for House District 46 and Dr. Thuy Tran for House District 45.