Mike Schmidt for District Attorney

With just five weeks until the May 21 elections, we urge you to re-elect Mike Schmidt as Multnomah District Attorney. Mike took office in the middle of the pandemic and months of protests following George Floyd’s murder. In his first term, he has shown effective, principled, and pragmatic leadership through the many challenges of the past four years.

Mike is an attorney, prosecutor, and loving husband and father to his two sons. He started as a high school teacher in a low-income school and saw a broken criminal justice system. Now, he works as a District Attorney, making our communities safer and fairer for our children and families. He continues to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive healthcare, abortion access, immigrant rights, and the welfare of all working families. Learn more about his priorities here.

Help us engage voters on the ground with Rep. Khanh Pham on Saturday, April 13, from 12 to 2 p.m. in 13 SE Mt.Scott and Woodstock neighborhoods. We’re also excited to have former Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty lead a door-to-door outreach for Mike on April 28, Sunday in the SE Laurelhurst neighborhood. RSVP details for this event will follow.

Campaigns are won on the ground but powered by the resources we can gather. Any amount you can donate to Mike’s campaign will help us close the fundraising gap.

When our democracy is under attack, we must stand behind strong, progressive leaders like Mike Schmidt.  Re-elect Mike Schmidt as Multnomah District Attorney.