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Yes on 26-223

East County Rising PAC urges Gresham Voters to support Measure 26-223 on May 17th to complete the Rockwood Renewal vision.

Yes on Measure 26-223

Vote by May 17

Rockwood is one of the most challenged and exciting neighborhoods anywhere in the United States. Rejected by both Portland and Gresham, Rockwood is a community that has never been embraced, until now. 

East County Rising is urging Gresham Voters to say YES to Rockwood Renewal.
 Measure 26-223 on May 17th. Proposed unanimously by Gresham City Council, the measure extends the “urban renewal” timeline for completing public investments to 2029. The measure does not increase or decrease taxes.

Voting YES on Rockwood Renewal (Measure 26-223) will complete the economic and livability projects like the Rockwood Station and Rockwood Center that are improving the quality of life for our West Gresham neighborhoods centered on 181st & Burnside.

Rockwood Renewal Progress

  • Assisted 40 new businesses bringing in nearly 700 jobs to Rockwood highlighted by Migration Brewing.        
  • Improved nearly 900 multi-family apartments.                                                                                            
  • Facilitated building the new Gresham Public Safety Facility on NE 181st which assists                    neighborhood policing  and access to a mental health team.                                                                
  • Increased access to community services and leveraged over $80 million dollars of public-private investment highlighted by the Boys & Girls Club and Open School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this raise or lower my property taxes?

No, the proposed extension will not increase or decrease property taxes.

These “urban renewal” funds were approved by voters in 2003. Urban renewal changes how the existing taxes are paid on a property, combining existing tax revenue from different taxing districts like the city and county for larger, targeted public investments. 

Why is the City of Gresham considering a proposed urban renewal extension?

Voters approved the “urban renewal” in 2003 with a 20 year timeline. Due to the pandemic and the    desire for strong community-driven planning, the Mayor and City Council unanimously supported asking voters for 6 more years to complete approximately $37 million dollars in public investments.

How would schools be impacted?

Schools are not impacted by the urban renewal extension. They are funded through the State              School Fund determined by the legislature.

What is the Rockwood-West Gresham Urban Renewal Area?

The existing boundaries of the district extends from NE 181st Ave, Burnside and Stark St, to just          north of Interstate 84.


Join East County Rising to Get Out The Vote. Ballots must be dropped off or postmarked by May 17th, 2022.