East County Rising Calls for Palestinian Solidarity, Ceasefire, and Reparations

East County Rising strives to be in solidarity with oppressed peoples around the world. We recognize that true liberation requires the freedom and autonomy of all individuals and communities. We condemn the violence perpetuated by systems of colonialism and religious oppression, which continues to harm and target Black, brown, Indigenous, Muslim, and Jewish communities. We join local leaders around the world in issuing this call for solidarity, ceasefire, and reparations.

The genocide and collective punishment from the Israeli government on the Palestinian people after the brutal attack from Hamas on October 7th is producing horrific violence against both Israeli and Palestinian peoples. It is fueling violence against both Arab and Jewish people around the world. We recognize the conflict is complex, and believe it starts with Palestinians being denied an equal voice in the decisions that affect their lives, dating back to The Nakba that violently displaced thousands of Palestinians. The conflict continues today perpetuated by unconditional US military aid to the Israeli government that is contributing to the disproportionate violence, destruction, and famine across Gaza.

The death and misery in Gaza has not occurred in a vacuum. The fundamental failure of the United Nations and European colonial powers to consider local communities’ needs planted the seeds for conflicts that threatened millions with endless war. Religious extremists and political opportunists in Israel, Palestine, and the wider world have used genocidal incitement and terroristic violence to drive Palestinians and Israelis further apart and drown the fragile shoots of peace in tears and blood. The growing power of right-wing, religious nationalist movements in Israel and Palestine have made this problem deadlier. 

We assert that human rights are universal and that no one is free until everyone is free. We unequivocally condemn the Israeli and Palestinian authorities that have deliberately subjected civilians to violence. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian and Israeli civilians struggling for life, autonomy, freedom, and dignity in the face of organized violence by the Likud and Hamas governments. We reject eliminationism1 in all its forms and assert that no cause justifies atrocity. We call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to halt the loss of innocent lives, end the destruction of communities, and prevent the conflict from escalating into a wider regional war. And we call for the resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to bring a swift, just, and enduring resolution to the conflict.

1 Eliminationism can manifest in various forms, including genocide, political purges, mass deportations, and other acts of violence or discrimination aimed at suppressing or exterminating a targeted group.

Specifically, we demand:

Immediate Humanitarian Aid for Gaza:
The people of Gaza have been subjected to a devastating blockade. We call for immediate delivery of life-saving resources, including food, water, and medical supplies to Gaza, commensurate with the humanitarian catastrophe caused by Israel’s ongoing campaign.

The Release of all Hostages:
The release of all hostages is imperative; Hamas must cease its practice of holding Israeli civilians captive, which violates the Geneva Convention. It is not a legitimate tactic of war or diplomacy. We demand the immediate release of all hostages without preconditions, noting that Israel detains approximately over 7,000 Palestinians, while Hamas holds approximately 130 Israeli hostages.

Accountability and Responsibility:
We acknowledge the United States has a unique duty to end the conflict between Israel and Palestine. As an industrial democracy, a professed supporter of human rights, and the world’s sole superpower, we have no excuse for our continued inaction.  We must commit to accountability and responsiveness in addressing the plight of the Palestinian people. Our material and political support for Israel’s military and settlement infrastructure has prolonged and deepened this disaster.

We recognize that peace requires justice and therefore call for the prosecution of the war criminals who have exacerbated and intensified this conflict, causing unnecessary bloodshed and suffering.

Ceasefire and Divestment to End the War and Occupation:
We must divest U.S. taxpayer dollars from authorities that do not respect human rights and international law. As long as Israel violates both of these with its war in Gaza and apartheid practices in the occupied West Bank, we should not support their military or government. Instead, we should redirect our resources toward universal healthcare, quality education, livable wages, and food and housing security.

Reparations for Palestinians:
The world must recognize the historical injustices inflicted upon the Palestinian people. All involved in these injustices must commit to reparations aimed at addressing the loss of lives, livelihoods, and theft of both homes and land resulting from decades of occupation and dispossession dating back to The Nakba.

Advocacy for Peace:
We believe the United States and the world must promote peace through diplomatic efforts based on the principles of equality, self-determination, and mutual respect for the rights of all parties involved. We will accept nothing less than a lasting agreement that commits to a just peace–two free, independent, democratic states with fairly drawn borders, living side-by-side with a commitment to mutual non-aggression.

We applaud the courage of the activists working for peace–particularly in the face of violence and oppression by the Israeli government and
de facto state oppression by settlers and Hamas authorities. We recognize that the ruling parties in Israel and Gaza oppose the peace process and believe that the world must apply concerted pressure to force an end to their policies of eliminationist violence.

We recognize the voices of young people leading the call for solidarity with Palestinians and affirm our commitment to amplifying their voices in this struggle. As an organization dedicated to justice and equity, we stand firm in our resolve to support efforts for peace, justice, and dignity for all people, both locally and globally.

In solidarity,
East County Rising